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Our Mission Will Be

We are researching how nature and humanity are forming community. The importance of maintaining humanities well-being and natures preventive measures for self-care as we co-create new ways of becoming.

Our Core Values Will Be

We are Emerging Better Ways of Becoming, "so be it"! Guiding our True Hearts Desire for Prevention with an Understanding about Protection, Wisdom, Compassion and Unconditional Divine Human-Kindness.

Integrating Soul-Spiritual Ways of
co-creative living based upon basic values of respect, soul-integrity, heartfelt creativity and genuine caring for community and families.

Our Current and Future Goals Will Be

We will be guiding to maintain "Our Children's Best" future outcomes. We will focus on small fundraising events and listening to family communities. One of our focuses will be for Parents with Children who are Home Schooled. The second focus will be preventive self-care measures using natures gifts.

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. EIN: 74-3132428.

Brief History

We began in the early months of May in the year 2003, and we continue to this day. We talked about forming the foundation and we scheduled our first retreat "Day of Contact" in October on the 26th day of the year 2003. The event was sponsored by "The STARDOVES, Marketing with the Stars". The original three (3) founders continue to bond in an intuitive understanding. We talked about how right human relations will exist by educating on the foundation of ethics and basic values. Our common theme has been to bring forth a greater understanding of how right human relations can make positive changes for humanity as it relates to a wholistic approach.

How we formed our name

We founded the organization on January lst, 2004. We began having regular weekly meetings since that date. We recorded and registered MSRF on June 8, 2004 in Siskiyou County, California at the recorders office, file number 04-215. Which was Venus Transit's the Sun event. Then on March 10, 2005 we incorporated C2724838.

Our statement of faith, is the Universal Unity of Oneness approach. We belief that with right human relations we can progress and maintain relative eithics and values associated with human interactions.
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